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Conditioning Friday and Description of New Classes

We will meet tomorrow at 8:30am in Kailua Beach Parking Lot (across from Buzz's) for Cardio + Conditioning. Your first class is FREE Thanks to all the ladies who have been joining each Friday- I've really enjoyed working out with you and look forward to more! Lava Fit is excited to introduce Wahine Holo Hui (women's running group) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8am. The introductory "Mahina Session" will last the month of October and includes: - 8 organized/coached runs - 4 Conditioning classes (each Friday starting October 8). We welcome all levels of running (offering interval and non-interval training) and always follow a stroller-friendly route. We'll guide you through a personalized coaching program based on your running ability and goals - a complete schedule will be mapped out for you, including rest days and an optimum nutrition plan. WHEN: Tuesday and Thursday at 8am- meeting at various locations in Kailua

Wahine Holo Hui beginning October 5

Lava Fit is excited to offer a women's running group (Wahine Holo Hui) with designated coaches and more personalized training! We're offering a 'Mahina Session' for the month of October. It will help us get a better feel for what we can provide in the coming months. This introductory session and includes: - 8 organized/coached runs (each Tuesday and Thursday morning starting October 5- 28) - 4 Conditioning Sessions (each Friday morning starting October 8 - 29) More information to come - email if you're interested or check out Classes .

"Energy and persistence conquer all things"

I guess we'll call tomorrow 'Fitness Friday' because we're going all out! Join Lava Fit (Friday, Sept 24) for a light jog, conditioning and then a swim! We'll start the run at 8:30am from the Kailua Beach parking lot, then conditioning at 9am in the beach park. THEN we're heading to the community pool for a swim afterward. Remember to bring a yoga mat/towel for conditioning and a swimsuit and goggles if you plan to swim as well! First class is free... after that donations only! *We are also currently running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8am - let me know if you're interested and I'll add you to the email we send out giving meeting places.  Click here for an update in Fitness News!

"Strive for progress, not perfection"

We'll meet tomorrow at 8:30am in the parking lot of Kailua Beach Park (across from Buzz's). We'll do a jog into Lanikai and back to Kailua Beach Park, then start conditioning at 9am. Please bring a beach towel or yoga mat for the conditioning. Found a great article about post-workout nutrition...check it out: Fitness News Hope to see you tomorrow!

Get Lava Fit Friday!

We'll be meeting tomorrow, September 10, at 8am in Kailua Beach Park. Meet in the parking lot across the street from Buzz's, we'll do a 30 minute warm-up jog, then a conditioning circuit at 8:30am. I hope to get started at 8am (so we can finish at 9am). We'll jog into Lanikai, an out and back run, so if you're a bit late just run into Lanikai and we'll meet up with you. Also, I'm wondering if it'd be easier on some of the moms if we start at 8:30am instead of 8am? So we'll try it out next week... I'll send out a reminder. Hope to see you soon!

Back in the Groove!

This summer was fabulous, isn't it always? Now it's time to get back in a groove. I know I love my daily routine and when it gets out of whack, so do I! For the past month we've been meeting on Friday mornings for Conditioning. I am willing to change this day/time if the majority can't attend Friday morning. Please let me know if another day works better for you! The more people the merrier! We're also meeting Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a free run... email if you're interested and for more details.