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Lava your Lower Body

Had a great morning workout today- really focusing on owr lower body. Ladies, you might be feeling your gluteus maximus and the muscles surrounding it this weekend! That's not a bad thing though- it's one huge muscle which propels us to run, walk, bike... you name it! You'll be receiving an email soon about the workout next Friday... Hope to see you then! 

This Friday...

We'll be meeting again at Kailua Beach Parking Lot... going for a short run then working out in the park. My husband will be joining us as well- he just got back from deployment and is taking a little vacation! Hope to see you there at 8am!

Friday = Funday!

Last Friday we ran about 2.5 miles, then finished the class with about 20-25 minutes of conditioning. This Friday we'll do the same - switching up the conditioning part a little. REMEMBER, your first class is FREE, after that pay what you can! If you're interested in running with us, meet at 8 in the parking lot of Kailua Beach Park. If you just want conditioning, meet at 8:30 in the grassy area near the parking lot and bathrooms. I'll have the yellow jogging stroller! Hope to see you!

Cardio + Conditioning

After holding the first LavaFit class this morning and receiving some positive feedback, I've decided it'd be even more fun (and intense) if we add some cardio prior to the conditioning! SO, next Friday we'll meet at 8am at Kailua Beach Parking Lot (across from Buzz's), do a 30 minute run followed by 30 minutes of conditioning. If you're not interested in the cardio part, just join us for the conditioning at 8:30 on the grassy section next to the parking lot... we'll be doing a circuit. REMEMBER your first class is FREE, after that pay what you can, donations only. Some days we'll run (Lanikai, Botanical Gardens, Makapuu), and maybe we can swim the buoys in Kailua Bay a few times too! Also, I'll be switching up the the conditioning portion each session to include resistance bands, beach circuits, sprint workout, etc. I also hope to add another workout day to the mix... so let me know if one day works better than another. ALSO, LavaFit has a new web addre


Looking forward to this Friday! Please bring a yoga mat and/or towel. We'll be doing a 'floor' workout. Stay tuned to find out when we'll meet next - I realize many of you are on summer vacation. Subscribe to this blog to get instant updates when something new is posted... Insert your email to the SUBSCRIBE section to the right... See you soon!