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Being a Fit Mom... Or Just a Fit Person

I'm realizing more and more why moms have such a hard time controlling their weight: We snack with our kids. Even if we aren't 'snacking', we are 'picking'. We have a few Crackers, Cranberries, Beans... and then we proceed to eat our own lunch. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and am understanding more and more that as moms we need to alter our lifestyle if we want to keep the pounds off while feeding our growing families.  1. Self-control is SO important. Challenge yourself to not pick at the snacks you give your kids. Make your own snack and eat it. Think about what you're eating as you are eating it. Don't just eat to eat. 2. As our kids grow, we don't hold them/carry them around as much. Time to add push ups, tricep dips, etc into our DAILY routine - not just weekly routine. 3. As our kids grow, they eat more and more REAL food. When my kids were small, they didn't eat REAL food - they ate baby food and snacks that didn'