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P.A.C.E. Spring Session!

 Spring Break is over (as well as our MONTH LONG hiatus!) and I MISS YOUR FACES! WHAT : 6-week session of 45-60 minute workouts, outside in beautiful Hawaii. Workouts gradually increase in intensity, so consistency is a must :) WHEN : There will be AT LEAST 12 classes (possibly more!) to attend during the 6 weeks.  Classes will be a combination of M/W/F @8:15am, BEGINNING March 29 and run through May 17, 2023.  *No classes April 19-25 MEMBERSHIP :  10 Class PACE Pass. Sorry, NO Drop-Ins.  If you complete all 10 classes before the end of 6 weeks, each class after is discounted.   Pass expires on May 17, 2023. Membership will be capped at 8 members. Contact for pricing.  Email for questions