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Wahine Holo Hui to Return Soon!

Aloha! I've had some inquiries about whether I plan on bringing back the formal women's running group (Wahine Holo Hui). We went on hiatus after my baby girl arrived in November 2011... so it's almost been a year... and while I've been personally training a few women, I also think it's time to bring back the running group to give us all some motivation and camaraderie. Let's plan on starting formal training in mid to late October for an 8-week session. I need to do more research about school for my children and then get back to you. In the past we trained on Tuesday and Thursday mornings around 8/8:30am. In the meantime, we're still meeting for informal/free runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings - so please join us!  Please tell other women about Holo Hui (the more the merrier!) and also consider what days would work best for you - I'd like to accommodate as many as possible.  Email me with your preference, For general infor