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Parenthood... and Exercise?

This is from a recent article published through ACE Certified News... The activities that parents engage in every day just to care for and play with their children count, but finding the time to commit to an exercise program helps a person feel better and achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, in the current environment of rampant physical inactivity, ready access to highly processed and calorie-dense foods, and epidemic rates of childhood and adult obesity, the best thing parents can do to help set their children on the path to maximal health and well-being—which includes eating healthfully and engaging in physical activity on a regular basis—is to model healthy behaviors. In short, one promising way to help both adults and children to adopt healthier habits and a more active lifestyle is to convince the parent, as primary caretaker and role model, to make physical activity a family priority. Parents commonly cite fatigue and lack of time, childcare and soc

The First Week of Holo Hui

It has been warm and still around here - but BEAUTIFUL! Ladies, great run on Tuesday. Remember to run with water on these windless, hot and sweaty days. I have created the HOLO HUI Eight Week Training Schedule for September and October and have emailed it to those already registered. If you weren't able to make it on Tuesday, Sept 6 but still want to register and work out with us, please email and let me know. This Friday will be Cardio, Conditioning, Flexibility (CCF) Class, meeting in the parking lot of Kailua Beach Park. An optional run at 8am, Instructor led conditioning at 8:30 and Instructor led stretching at 9. If you signed up for the entire 8-week session, this class is included. If you purchased a "Puka Card", this counts as a workout. Please join - bring a yoga mat/towel, resistance band (with handles) and water. Also, if you have any hand-held weights, feel free to bring them too! I considered changing CCF to Wednesday mornings (instead of Friday),

Starting Tuesday, September 6!

It's been a great, relaxing summer and now it's time to get back in a flow... a healthy routine. I'm more than ready for it. As many of you already know, I'm pregnant with baby number two - which has slowed me from running to a brisk walk - but I am still excited about the next eight week session. Even though I won't physically be running with you, I'm there to encourage and train... watch out though, I already purchased the Double Jogging Stroller! We'll begin the session Tuesday, September 6 at 8:30am from Kailua Beach Park, meet in the parking lot across from Buzz's. If this new time is an issue for anyone, please let me know, I want to accommodate as many women as possible. Runs will start from varying locations around Kailua on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30am . Conditioning and Flexibility will be Friday mornings from 8:30 til about 9:15am. This is essentially a boot camp. We'll use our own body weight, resistance bands and hand