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Healthy Through the Holidays: Nutrition Program

Healthy Through the Holidays: Nutrition Program  With the holidays approaching, I'm offering a 25 day wellness program to help you create healthy holiday habits. Participate from anywhere in the world 🗺 - spread the word to friends and family and get healthy together! WHEN : November 21- December 16, 2022 WHAT :  This program is a nutrition group designed by yours truly, a Precision Nutrition L1 Coach. A private FaceBook Group will offer 25 days of accountability, daily goals/challenges, helpful tips, yummy recipes, mind, body, and wellness advice, and much more! After 25 days, you'll be more confident and ready to stay on track while also enjoying Christmas and New Years! SIGN UP by November 20:  $30, SIGN UP HERE !   Please email  for more info! SPREAD THE HEALTH!