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My Favorite Foods

I've been inspired lately --- Inspired by a friend who doesn't make cooking seem like a chore... also inspired by the show Top Chef (although it's not currently on)... both have given me a new outlook on feeding my family and myself and I'm loving it! So is my family. So here we go, some of the faves I've concocted lately with the recipes I used/got ideas from... most of the time I find a recipe and modify it. Epicurious has some great ideas. CHICKEN MARSALA WITH RED QUINOA RUSTIC RATATOUILLE WITH CHICKPEAS AND QUINOA SIMPLE STEAK AND SALAD CHICKEN WITH TOMATO HERB PAN SAUCE STUFFED PEPPERS - GROUND PORK, TOMATOES, KALE AND GOAT CHEESE HERB CRUSTED SESAME CHILI TILAPIA WITH ROASTED ASPARAGUS WHITE BEAN BRUSCHETTA MEXICAN SHRIMP COCKTAIL ISLAND PORK TENDERLOIN WITH BROCCOLI AND COUSCOUS GROUND BEEF TACOS IN WHOLE WHEAT TORTILLA WITH MY OWN SEASONING, SAUTEED PEPPERS AND ONIONS AND HOMEMADE SALSA (mango, avocado, red