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Join Lava Fit on Saturday, April 9, 2011 and run for a cause... RUN FOR JAPAN 5K - bring your family and friends, whether you walk, jog or race you're doing it to directly benefit a great cause. When: April 9, 2011. Registration at 8 a.m., Race at 8:30 a.m. Where: Kailua Beach Park - race around Lanikai Price: FREE, donations only which will go to American Red Cross Japan Relief Prizes to the first man, first woman and first stroller across the finish line. Stay after for post-race beverages.   Click HERE for the registration form and contact me with any questions.

Fit for a Prince

This Friday, March 25 is Prince Kuhio Day. Most kiddos will be home from school, so we'll hold CCY in Lanikai Park instead of Kailua Beach Park . The kids can play on the playground while the moms get a great workout! Cardio at 8am, Conditioning at 8:30am and Yoga at 9am. Click HERE for more information about CCY. Reduce Pain Caused by Daily Activities (from Idea Fitness Journal): The cumulative effect of long hours sitting, standing and even sleeping can lead to prolonged damage to both your muscles and fascia (strong connective tissue).  Change chairs and positions often or alternate sitting on a stability ball with sitting on an office chair.  Pay attention to your upper-body-postures when standing. Crossing the arms, talking on a cell phone, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder or putting your hands in your pockets can create tight fascia. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between the knees. This will help keep the top leg in line with the hip socket. When sleep

Go Green!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Drink your green beer, wine, soda... whatever your heart desires... but be sure to drink enough water to give it your all at CCY tomorrow! Thirty minutes of cardio, thirty of conditioning and thirty of yoga taught by Green Girl Yoga . Since we're now offering CCY on Wednesday AND Friday, we'll be switching up the workout intensity. Wednesday workouts will be lighter (so you can run on Thursday!) and Friday workouts will be more difficult. With that said, tomorrow we'll be trying out a new type of workout - using Rest-Based Training principles. Sounds good, huh? RBT allows a participant to take a rest for as long as necessary. Rest actually becomes a tool for increasing intensity, because exercisers can use it to work harder than they could without rest. It also provides a buffer against overexertion, making even high-intensity workouts safe (Warburton et al. 2005). See you tomorrow - May good luck be your friend in whatever you do and may tr

On the run...

It's the first week of Lava Fit's newest Wahine Holo Hui session and the rain has tried to stop us but we won't let it get us down. Tomorrow we'll have CCY at 8am - yoga taught by Green Girl Yoga . If it's raining, you will either receive a text or check our Facebook page for the status of class. I am searching for another park with a pavilion we can use when it rains. On Sunday morning some of us will be doing a long run in Kailua (@ 8miles). Please email if you're interested in joining us! Next week we have Tuesday and Thursday runs and CCY on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday's Pilates will be led by Health In Harmony who also is currently offering a 'Pilates for Runners' series at their studio. For more information please email me or contact them. ~LavaYourLife~

Slight Change...

Starting next week (March 9), Lava Fit will be offering the CCY class on both Wednesday and Friday mornings! Give your body that extra push by coming twice a week instead of once. Same class format - meet at 8am if you feel like doing a 30 minute jog. If not, just meet us at 8:30 for conditioning and at 9 for yoga. ** This week, the Friday Conditioning is canceled because of a family emergency, so we're offering a CCY class tomorrow (March 2) in its place. Hope you all can make it - Bring your Resistance Band!