Go Green!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Drink your green beer, wine, soda... whatever your heart desires... but be sure to drink enough water to give it your all at CCY tomorrow! Thirty minutes of cardio, thirty of conditioning and thirty of yoga taught by Green Girl Yoga.
Since we're now offering CCY on Wednesday AND Friday, we'll be switching up the workout intensity. Wednesday workouts will be lighter (so you can run on Thursday!) and Friday workouts will be more difficult. With that said, tomorrow we'll be trying out a new type of workout - using Rest-Based Training principles. Sounds good, huh? RBT allows a participant to take a rest for as long as necessary. Rest actually becomes a tool for increasing intensity, because exercisers can use it to work harder than they could without rest. It also provides a buffer against overexertion, making even high-intensity workouts safe (Warburton et al. 2005).
See you tomorrow - May good luck be your friend in whatever you do and may trouble be always a stranger to you.


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