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I LAVA RUNNING 8-week Training Schedule

Here we go... this is an 8-week Training Schedule. At the end of the 8 weeks it has you running a 10K. SO - you'll definitely be ready for a 5K or 4.4 mile beach run or 10K! This schedule is 'suggested' and it's for intermediate runners. So kick it up or knock it down as needed. Also, switch it around depending on your schedule... cross train on a Monday and rest on Sunday, etc. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Click HERE for your I LAVA RUNNING Group Training Schedule.   Explanations: Warm Up: What type of warm up to do before a run? Well... a warm up run, of course! Before doing sprints or any fast running, do a warm up run of about a mile, then stop and stretch for about 5 minutes, then start your run for real.  Runs: Your normal runs should be done at a comfortable pace. If you are with a running buddy, you should be able to hold a conversation. If you can't, slow down.  Tempo Run : A tempo run is a steady run with a buildup in the middle. A tempo run of 3

Introducing: The I LAVA RUNNING Group

The I LAVA RUNNING Group Informal, fun and free training Lava Fit will create a training schedule and everyone can stay in touch/find running buddies through the Lava Fit FB Page, then we'll meet up for races and breakfast/lunch following!    Some races to train for:  May 26 - Hibiscus Half, 15K and 5 Miler June 16 - Velasco 10K July 4 - MCBH Runway Run 5K July 4 - Kailua High Freedom 5K/10K July 7 - Lanikai 8K July 14 - Kailua Beach Run 4.4 Miler I'll put out a training schedule soon - which you can choose to follow or if you're already out there training, just keep on keeping on!