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NEW! 12-Week Online Nutrition Program

ALOHA 2021! I'm excited to announce the beginning of LavaFit's 12-Week Online Nutrition Program ! For the past 9 months, I dove deep into studying and understanding the body, nutrition and biopsychosocial perspectives. I now hold a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification (Pn1). I look forward to helping people make smart, positive and sustainable changes to their lives.  Each client receives individualized nutritional programming, designed for your needs and goals. These programs are not only focused on nutrition but also movement, habits and deep health.  As a Pn1 Coach, I will provide you with accountability, direction and support throughout the 12 week program. I will help you follow a plan that fits your life in order to develop healthy habits along the way. No deprivation, no 'dieting'... this is all about YOU becoming healthier and happier! GET STARTED TODAY!  Email Erin: Think positive. Eat better. Exercise often. Feel good!