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YOU CHOOSE: ME Time, Session 2

ALOHA! 🌺 Join me for session 2 of ME TIME  with LavaFit  beginning September 28!  As your fitness professional , I personally program and customize each workout... providing modifications to include all fitness levels.  This session, CHOOSE what works best for YOU! No matter your current situation or where you live or your fitness level... there are ways for you to join and become happier and healthier!   In a time where it seems we don't have many choices, this 4-Week Session will have THREE ! So- wake up earlier or carve out time during lunch or get your family to join you or join me LIVE on Monday and Wednesday or press play on a LavaFit YouTube workout.... even if it's just for 15 minutes, at least you are moving and concentrating on yourself.  You choose the best option for you: 1. Two LIVE* Classes per week & Access to LavaFit YouTube Workouts**   2. One LIVE* Class per week & Access to LavaFit YouTube Workouts**   3. Access to LavaFit YouTube Workouts **