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Abs ARE Made in the Kitchen

You hear it all the time - Abs are made in the kitchen. I stand behind this. If you find you're putting forth the effort in your workouts but not seeing the results you want, try changing up your diet/nutrition. Oh, and drink more water. Balance your nutrition with your fitness and you will make improvements and reach your goals. My family has been trying to eat more meatless meals. I tend to eat mostly vegetarian, but recently we watched "The Game Changers" on Netflix and it made sense to us. So my husband and I have decided to switch up the way we're eating. I'd say we always eat clean, but we're trying more plant based meals and snacks now. It's working well for us and yes, my husband is loving it too! We're finding we feel better after eating, we're sleeping better and recovering better after workouts. With that said, I have many vegetarian/vegan meals listed here on the blog. So does my friend Active Epicurean . Also, here's another