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Hello From the Other Side

Yes, it's me. I know it's been quite some time. But I swear I have excuses. Let's see, my family made a big move from Hawaii to Connecticut in February 2015. Actually, all our belongings began their voyage the same week as we did, however we didn't see our own things til June 2015. We sadly left Hawaii, stopped in Georgia for a week, then onto CT where we stayed for a few weeks in March 2015 (our kids were excited it was still snowing, the rest of the east coast was NOT!). We got to know our new CrossFit gym and even had an adult getaway to NYC! On Good Friday we packed up and moved to Virginia for the summer - making a pit stop in DC. We lived in a 'furnished' place in VA and the kids were able to run around and play. We joined a CrossFit gym there too and met some great people, made some trips to VA Beach, NC, Great Wolf Lodge, Gettysburg... some fun adventures. Then in June we made the trek back to CT and moved into our new home. What an amazing summer! A