What Clients Say

MAHALOS about LavaFit from current and past clients:

  • "I am going to try and send a picture I took of Rossi in her workout clothes (She said she is trying to dress cute like all us young girls). She also told me she now runs five days a week, all because she got hooked going to LavaFit, while she was staying with me in Hawaii! :)" - Michelle F.   
  • "Erin, you made it soooo easy in Hawaii - a fun group, serious workouts and then a stop for coffee! I can't top that. I wear my Lava Fit necklace & charms to keep you all with me, especially when I start missing Kailua." - Nikki S. 
  • "I get a little sad when I see the LavaFit workouts, but mostly very happy to see you still working out like a rock star while preggo! That is awesome. Hawaii already seems like it was almost a dream. ENJOY it, ladies! eventually we have to head back to reality..." - Julie P. 
  • "Thank you for an awesome first personal training session, Erin!!! I feel GREAT :) and ready to take on the weekend!" - Lynn
If you have a 'Mahalo' for Lava Fit, please email it to getlavafit@gmail.com or LIKE us on Facebook. 

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