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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We had a festive White Elephant Christmas Party at Megan's last week - yummy food, great gifts and wonderful ladies! I'd like to thank everyone for supporting Lava Fit. Lava Fit was formed because of you and for you, and it wouldn't exist without you. Here's to 2011! Tomorrow, December 17 at 8am we'll meet in the Kailua Beach parking lot for C+C+Y - the last one of 2010. Run at 8am, Conditioning at 8:30 and Yoga at 9. Scared of all the holiday food and drinks and desserts? Check out this article for some tips to get you (and your waistline) through the most wonderful time of the year.

C+C+Y and 2011 Holo Hui

Tomorrow, December 10, we'll meet in Kailua Beach parking lot at 8am for Cardio+Conditioning+Yoga. If it's raining, we'll do the conditioning part under the pavilions near the boat ramp.  This session of Wahine Holo Hui is coming to an end (on December 23) and the new 2011 Session will begin on January 4. It'll be another 8 week session which will end February 25. This session I'll be assessing your personal goal and each run will be a step toward reaching it. I will be emailing the newest Registration form within the week. With the holidays here, we should all eat, drink and be merry... in moderation! Check out the article Holiday Treats for some interesting information.

Get Lava Fit

Check out the new logo! Thanks to Melanie Decker Design for her creative mind and talent... we LAVA the new face of Lava Fit! I am going to find a screener so we can all sport some athletic shirts with the new logo - Stay tuned for more details! Friday, December 3, is C+C+Y - BRING YOUR RESISTANCE BAND! Meet at 8am in the Kailua Beach parking lot (we'll jog toward Kalapawai this week).