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C 2 aka Cardio+Conditioning, will take place tomorrow (November 19) starting at 8 am, meeting in the Kailua Beach Parking Lot. We'll do a short run, then 30 minutes of conditioning. No yoga tomorrow - our yoga instructor has a prior commitment this week.  First class is free. However, if you are signed up for the 8 Week Holo Hui Session, Friday's are included. IF it rains tomorrow, we'll skip the run and just meet at 8:30 am for conditioning under the pavilions (near the boat ramp). Any questions, call or text me.

Just RESIST it

This Friday we are using Resistance Bands during our conditioning workout! I know, we were supposed to do it last week, but someone (eh-hum, that would be me) didn't have enough bands for everyone. Hope you still had a good workout though. So, if you have a band, bring it on Friday, November 12. It doesn't really matter what kind of tubing, any can work. Cardio+Conditioning+Yoga will meet in Kailua Beach parking lot at 8am on Friday. And since we used the word RESIST, I'll go ahead and take this time to send out a friendly reminder... 'tis the season to EAT, DRINK and be merry! You've worked so hard all year maintaining a healthy lifestyle, don't jeopardize it now... enjoy and indulge, just remember: everything in moderation!

Power in Numbers

Yes, there's power in numbers! This past weekend, about 20 runners/walkers gathered to support Michelle Foley (currently battling Breast Cancer). We raised almost $800 - half going to Michelle, the other half to Breast Cancer Research. MAHALO to all the donators (including Scott Fultz and Little Sprouts) for your generosity and support!  It felt great to support a cause and get in a 5K at the same time! Cardio+Conditioning+ Yoga is ON for Friday at 8am. If it's raining, we'll nix the 8am run and just do conditioning at 8:30 then Yoga at 9 under the Pavilions in Kailua Beach Park. We'll be incorporating RESISTANCE BANDS this class, so if you have one please bring it with you. (Meet in Kailua Beach Parking Lot). The newest Wahine Holo Hui session began on Tuesday, November 2. Check out the Classes tab for more information and tell your friends about it too - it's a great way to train, stay in shape and meet new women! The more the merrier!