Just RESIST it

This Friday we are using Resistance Bands during our conditioning workout! I know, we were supposed to do it last week, but someone (eh-hum, that would be me) didn't have enough bands for everyone. Hope you still had a good workout though.
So, if you have a band, bring it on Friday, November 12. It doesn't really matter what kind of tubing, any can work. Cardio+Conditioning+Yoga will meet in Kailua Beach parking lot at 8am on Friday.
And since we used the word RESIST, I'll go ahead and take this time to send out a friendly reminder... 'tis the season to EAT, DRINK and be merry! You've worked so hard all year maintaining a healthy lifestyle, don't jeopardize it now... enjoy and indulge, just remember: everything in moderation!


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