Fit for a Prince

This Friday, March 25 is Prince Kuhio Day. Most kiddos will be home from school, so we'll hold CCY in Lanikai Park instead of Kailua Beach Park. The kids can play on the playground while the moms get a great workout! Cardio at 8am, Conditioning at 8:30am and Yoga at 9am. Click HERE for more information about CCY.

Reduce Pain Caused by Daily Activities (from Idea Fitness Journal):
The cumulative effect of long hours sitting, standing and even sleeping can lead to prolonged damage to both your muscles and fascia (strong connective tissue). 
  • Change chairs and positions often or alternate sitting on a stability ball with sitting on an office chair. 
  • Pay attention to your upper-body-postures when standing. Crossing the arms, talking on a cell phone, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder or putting your hands in your pockets can create tight fascia.
  • If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between the knees. This will help keep the top leg in line with the hip socket. When sleeping on your side, the pillow you use for the head should be thick enough to keep the head in line with the spine.


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