LavaFit is HOME


LavaFit returned home to Hawaii in June 2020... this is where I created LavaFit in 2010 but since then LavaFit has taken fitness to CT and TN. It's been an amazing journey, but I'm happy to be home. That said, Covid is still in full swing and life seems somewhat unpredictable. For me, things aren't weird, they're just different. In order to keep life moving, we must create new routines and that routine MUST include moving our bodies! Movement is the song of the body. 

With that said, LavaFit will soon be restarting LavaFit Virtual Workouts! Because I am now in Hawaii and @5-6 hours behind the east coast, I am figuring out ways to include clients from all across the country. There will still be LIVE classes, but I will also offer pre-recorded workouts. Personal training will be an option (in-person if you're in Hawaii) and eventually nutrition coaching too!

The aim is to begin LavaFit Virtual Workouts the last week of August (August 24)... they will be the same format as before: warm up, challenge, workout, core/burner, and cool down stretch. As your coach, I create each workout with modifications to include ALL fitness levels. I also keep track of all your scores from each challenge and at the end of the session, you'll get to see your progress. 

I'm so excited to 'see' your faces and MOVE together again! 


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