It's been a year...

Thank you to all for your support of Lava Fit this past year! It's been a very fun and eventful one - starting last October with a Run for Breast Cancer where nearly $800 was raised for the cause. We've had six 8-week running and conditioning sessions and also, together we raised over $700 at Lava Fit's Run for Japan in April 2011.

There are only two more weeks in the current 8-Week Session... then I'm on 'maternity leave'. HOWEVER, I encourage you all to still meet Tuesdays and Thursdays for runs - the camaraderie of running with others is important. Your fellow runners know and understand what it took for you to get out there on that particular morning to run. So bring your friends and ask others to join!

After baby girl arrives and I'm caught up, I will start doing private training. I'll create workouts catered to YOU using weights, stability ball, resistance bands and your own body. We can work around your schedule. I'm very excited to get back into one-on-one training with clients - and it can be done at my home, yours or an outdoor venue. If you're interested, please let me know!

Keep up with the training, I'm so proud of your accomplishments- both physical and personal. You are all an inspiration to me. I look forward to joining you on the road again soon!
Lava Fit Conditioning
Run for a Cause- Breast Cancer


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