Lava Fit's "Summer Break"...

Lava Fit is taking a summer break during July and August - starting back with running and conditioning in September.
Also available in September - Private Sessions! The workout will be designed around your fitness level and goals.

For those Lava Fit gals still on island this summer, I encourage you to continue your fitness routine throughout July and August by meeting for regular Tuesday and Thursday runs... and I'll continue checking in on you ;) Also, several of our regulars are moving off island this summer. Let's keep building our fitness group by 'recruiting' friends over the summer - because working out alone is no fun! More information about classes and start date coming soon.

During your summer workouts, here's something to keep in mind:

HOT - WEATHER EXERCISE from IDEA Health & Fitness Association

You love to exercise outside in the fresh air, but certain times during the year are hot and sticky (especially on the mainland!). Knowing how to handle these out-door conditions will protect you from fatigue and heat-related diseases.

- Hydrate: beginning a workout fully hydrated or even 'hyperhydrating' (hydrating to a greater degree than normal) before a workout can delay dehydration during exercise, maintain exercise performance and decrease the risk for heat-related illnesses.
A good indicator of your hydration levels is urine color. The lighter the urine color, the better the level of hydration. Your urine should look like lemonade rather than apple juice.
- What should you drink?
Before exercise: Drink 500 ml 2 hours before exercise (1 cup = 250 ml)
During exercise: Drink about 200 ml every 15-20 minutes, aiming to match fluid intake and sweat loss. Maintain 400-600 ml of fluid in the stomach to optimize gastric emptying
After exercise: Drink 1 liter per kilogram of weight lost during exercise.
- Sodium: sodium intake is necessary only if exercise lasts more than 60 minutes or if you have sodium deficiency. Before, during and after exercise, consume 0.5 - 0.7 gram per L of fluid
- Glycerol: Drinks that contain glycerol cause fluid retention. This effect facilitates hyperhydration, protects against dehydration and maintains core body temperature.
Before exercise: Ingest 1.2 g per kg of body weight in a 20% glycerol solution within a 30-minute period, followed by 26 ml of water per kg of body weight, distributed over the 90 minutes prior to exercise. (1 kg = 2.205 lbs)
During exercise: Ingest 0.125 g per kg of body weight mixed in 5 ml of fluid per kg of body weight
After exercise: Ingest 1.0 g per kg of body weight mixed in 1.5 L of fluid
- Acclimatize: Chronically exposing yourself to hot and humid environment stimulates adaptations that lesson the stress. Therefore, take 2 weeks of slowly introducing yourself to the heat to be fully acclimatized and prepared for prolonged continuous exercise.



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