Holo Hui in Session!

Today we had the first run of the session - luckily it stopped thundering and raining for a great run!
Tomorrow we'll meet in Kailua Beach Park (across from Buzz's) for CCF (Cardio+Conditioning+Flexibility). Bring a resistance tube if you have one!
The flexibility portion will be Pilates by Jessica Stare of Harmony Pilates. Next Wednesday it'll be Yoga by Heather Martz of Green Girl Yoga. A wonderful balance for your body.
The class will be done by donation tomorrow - all donations going to Japan - courtesy of Harmony Pilates and their Week of Giving.
This is our last session before the 'Summer Break' - since many will be out of town this summer, including myself, we'll take a break during July and part of August. I am more than happy to create a training schedule for you during that time to keep you on track and motivated.
In the meantime, come do something for yourself on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings!


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