Lava Fit Updates

First of all, thank you to all who participated in and donated to Lava Fit's Run for Japan 5K. Together, we raised $715 for American Red Cross' Japan Relief! Thank you so much for your support.

Our newest Wahine Holo Hui session begins Tuesday, May 3 and will run for eight weeks.
This session brings some changes to our Wednesday and Friday Cardio+Conditioning+Yoga (CCY) class. This class will now be CARDIO+CONDITIONING+FLEXIBILITY (CCF). Along with Yoga, we'll also be offering Pilates. They will only be offered on Wednesday and will alternate weeks (Pilates one Wednesday, Yoga the next...).
Yoga will still be taught by Heather Martz of Green Girl Yoga. She is E-RYTE 200 (Experience Registered Yoga Teacher) and teaches yoga basics, vinyasa and hot yoga.
Pilates will be instructed by Jessica Stare of Health in Harmony Pilates Studio and Wellness Center, MSPT, Certified Pilates Instructor, Physical Therapist and owner of Health in Harmony.

While there are certainly differences between Yoga and Pilates, they compliment each other well and are both low impact workouts which provide a perfect balance with running and conditioning.
Since Heather and Jessica are separate from Lava Fit, please pay them separately. 

The Conditioning portion will still be on Wednesday AND Friday - get ready for more circuit workouts incorporating hand weights, body bar, resistance band and plyometric exercises. We're kicking it into high gear!

ALSO, congratulations to all who completed the Diva Half Marathon this weekend - our very fast Julie Phillips rocked it and placed 7th Overall! On Monday, Michelle Flores took her speedy running legs to the Boston Marathon and finished in an amazing 3:52:04. Awesome job ladies!


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