NEW Wahine Fitness Session

CCY will meet tomorrow, February 25 at 8am in Kailua Beach Parking lot. NEW eight week Wahine Fitness Session begins March 8 - check out Classes for more details and join us!
A recent study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association (2010; 303 [21] 1173-79) announced that women should average 60 minutes of moderate-intensity activity daily in order to avoid long-term weight gain.
This seems overwhelming, right? Think about it this way - Lava Fit runs every Tuesday and Thursday and does intense conditioning on Friday (soon to be Wednesday and Friday). That's three to four days of intense activity! YAY!
Instead of focusing on rules and regulations for achieving a perfect body, focus on exercising for health. Also remember that a balanced diet has a lot to do with weight management.
Lava Your Life!


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