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It's almost Friday! Meet us at 8am in Kailua Beach Parking lot for CCY. So far we've received a lot of positive feedback and are very happy you're pleased with the class. Because of the great response, we are considering adding another day of conditioning. Stay tuned for details and feel free to provide your opinion!

I recently read an article about the "blue zones" of the world - areas where people live measurably longer than in the rest of the world. Researchers have found common behaviors believed to help you live a longer, better life:
1. Make regular activity intrinsic to your daily routine
2. Have a "Plan de Vida", i.e., a mission or purpose that gives meaning to your life
3. Take your life out of the fast lane: work less, slow down, rest, take vacations
4. Eat less by following the "80% rule" (Stop eating when you're 80% full)
5. Shift your diet to more veggies and fruits, less protein and fewer processed foods
6. Drink red wine in moderation
7. Create a healthy social network
8. Cultivate spiritual or religious believes and participation
9. Make family a priority
- The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest


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